SSH Config Editor

Manage your SSH client configuration file in a smart and efficient way

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If you have macOS High Sierra or Mojave, use version 1.13.3
If you use SSH to connect to remote systems, more often than once in a year, you definitely need help handling all the configs. SSH Config Editor is a wonderful tool to keep your OpenSSH client configurations and known-hosts files under control. Manage identities, port forwarding, and other options within one coherent interface.
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Robust Editor

Instead of limited text editing, you get an intuitive system

  • Search across host settings
  • Organise configuration in groups
  • Set of icons with common services and operation systems
  • Reorder host configs with drag and drop
  • Disable configurations that are no longer relevant

Instant Connection to Host

  • All your SSH connections are accessible from the app
  • Set identity files per host
  • Pro Automatic login with securely stored passwords
  • Customize default terminal in Preferences
  • Quick connection from menu bar icon
  • Pro Port knocking sequences for open or close ssh port
  • Check availability of ssh port

Local and Remote Port Forwarding

Add or edit local and remote port forwarding options

  • Visualizes the port forwarding process
  • Show names for common port numbers
  • Copy forwarding ssh command to clipboard

Configuration Options

Support for all ssh configuration options with embedded help

Spotlight Integration

Connect to your hosts directly from Spotlight or automate it with AppleScript or JavaScript

Template Configurations

Use templates to create similar configurations or duplicate existing ones


Share host configurations with system share menu


Set terminal or connection command globaly or per host


Write notes for each host, these notes will be visible in tooltips


Access favorite hosts quickly with shortcuts

Manage Known Hosts

Manage your known_hosts file

  • Find host entries even if they are encrypted
  • Mark entries as certification authority or revoked
  • Remove or comment invalid or changed hosts
  • Create or find ssh configuration for known host
  • Open connection to known host

Keys Manager Pro

All file system and Secure Enclave keys in one place

  • Shows detail information about identity keys
  • Generate and store access keys in Secure Enclave
  • Generate RSA, DSA, ECDSA and Ed25519 key pairs
  • Copy public key to server

Pro only features

  • Keys manager and Secure Enclave support
  • Store and auto fill passwords for ssh connections
  • Spotlight integration for connect host directly from it, just write “ssh host”
  • Automation and scripting capabilities
  • Generate keys with all supported key types, not just RSA
  • Connect to servers with custom command line commands
  • Support for included configurations
  • Port knocking sequences for open or close ports on remote server
  • Run ssh-copy-id automatically instead of create command which must be pasted to terminal and run
  • Action for copy public key to clipboard
  • Doesn’t require confirm access to config or known_hosts files
  • Trial version for 7 days

Version History

Constant delivery new versions with more features

7. 6. 2021
7. 6. 2021

Version 2.3

  • Host configurations can have assigned tags
  • It is allowed to add a configuration option to a group and that option is added to all children in the group
  • Pro The saved password can be displayed in the Host Authentication dialog and from host detail
  • Pro The port knocking configuration can be also shown from host detail
  • Pro It is possible to set the mandatory user authorization for use the saved password
  • Generate Key Pair dialog redesigned
  • New touch bar actions for Port Forwarding dialog
  • Fix some issues with read config and known_hosts files
7. 4. 2021
7. 4. 2021

Version 2.2.1

  • Add default actions to touch bar for every dialog in app
  • Pro New action for disable SSH Agent from Keys Manager
  • Pro New settings to configure new connection open in tab or window for supported terminals
24. 3. 2021
24. 3. 2021

Version 2.2

  • Separators in sidebar list was replaced with groups and list is tree now. So you can have unlimited hierarchy of host configurations.
  • Group has detail view with list of entries and some actions
  • Window has subtitle if config file has no standard “config” name on macOS Big Sur
  • Fix light/dark mode switch for ssh option help tooltips
  • Availability check can be done for all hosts in group
  • New features screen to introduce changes in current version, with some tips
  • Pro Connection commands can use auto stored password identifier from keychain
  • Pro Fix problems with auto password connection script. Bad terminal size, no terminal colours, known-host confirmations etc.
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